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Championship Retail Store Pro Jersey Customization

"We exist to help our clients win championships"
- Jason Olson, CEO Keener Jerseys

Now you can order your team retail store jerseys when you need them and receive on-ice pro level customization. With Keener Jerseys’ Pro Retail Store Customization service, your retail store will increase profits and reduce costs.

Stay on the Pulse of the Season

Every year, new stars emerge or players move to new teams. Now your store can respond to the ebb-and-flow of your team’s season. With Keener Jerseys your team retail store can order on-demand, throughout the season, allowing you to respond when players are on the rise and reduce stock levels when players are not selling as well.

Keener Jerseys offers world class craftsmanship to precisely match your team’s on ice jerseys. Our co-founder Chris ‘Keener Dougherty, is renowned for his attention to detail and jersey craftsmanship.

Benefits for Your Fans and Your Team:

  • Give fans on-ice quality customization
  • Order on-demand, no minimum order quantities
  • Lower upfront costs related to bulk order purchasing requirements
  • Improved fan jersey quality over heat press decoration
  • Reduce losses on jerseys when players are no longer with the team or do not sell as expected
  • Reduce labour on in-house heat press
  • 3-4 week bulk order turnaround*

*Add 4-6 business days for shipping

"Keener Jerseys have made it possible for us to respond better for our fans, resulting in more sales and improved profitability"
- Levi Jerome Retail Store Manager, Delaware North (Nashville Predators)

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